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High force safety air guns

Silvent high force air guns make efficient use of compressed air.

Manual blowing with compressed air is common in industry when cleaning, drying or cooling objects. In some cases it is not enough with a standard air gun and more blowing force is required. All Silvent air guns feature the optimal combination of high blowing force, low energy consumption and low noise levels, at the same time as they are ergonomically designed for professional use.

The problem

In most cases the installation of open pipe is not preceded by any sort of formal technical dimensioning and since theoretical knowledge of aerodynamics is often limited, efficiency is insufficient. By over-dimensioning, open pipe blowing does work, but its drawbacks include:

  • Excessive turbulence that generates harmful noise
  • Inordinate energy consumption, i.e. waste of expensive compressed air
  • A hazardous working environment with, for example, the risk of embolism

Silvent technology provides the solution

Years of research have led to the development of the renowned, patented Silvent technology. Its basic principle is creating a uniform, steady and straight or so-called laminar air stream rather than the turbulent and noisy stream generated by open pipe. Every Silvent nozzle features an optimal combination of high blowing force, low noise level and low energy consumption. Replacing open pipe installations with Silvent compressed air nozzles normally means:

  • Lowering the sound level by 50%
  • Reducing air consumption by at least  30%
  • Complying with authorities’ safety requirements