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Full Cone Spray Nozzles

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Full cone nozzles are the most frequently used nozzle type in industry.

The spray emits from the nozzle in a conical shape with the liquid dispersed over the interior of the cone. When the spray intersects with a surface, a circle of spray is formed with liquid present throughout. The full cone pattern from a spiral nozzle consists of several concentric hollow cones that combine to produce a full cone effect with a smaller droplet size.

Full cone nozzles produce a solid circle of spray. These nozzles are used when the objective is to distribute the fluid evenly over an area. As with the hollow cone nozzles there are three designs of nozzle that can produce full cone patterns.

If you are looking for even distribution over a packed bed, a Full Cone nozzle pattern provides great coverage results. Rain Simulation and Foam Control applications provide even distribution over specific surface areas using Full Cone nozzles. The 2 MaxiPass nozzles are designed with an S vane for larger free passage while the other Full Cone series utilize a disc that have smaller areas that could trap particulates that are in the water.