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Washdown Premium Range

From hoses and spray nozzles to clean off equipment, to safely spraying down floors, Strahman has the long-lasting, industrial strength products to serve your needs

During the washdown process, much water can be lost from leaking spray nozzles or nozzles that still emit water when the lever is released. To combat this, Spray Nozzle Engineering offers an automatic water saver series of spray nozzles from Strahman.

This series of spray nozzles provides the mechanism whereby the spray nozzle automatically shuts off the moment the lever is released, thereby eliminating all water wastage. A stainless steel seat design prevents nozzle seat leakage, further reducing the amount of waste water. The Strahman Automatic Water Saver spray nozzles are available in varying water stream types to suit every application.

The Strahman M-70 Series spray nozzle allows the complete spectrum of water stream from soft spray to straight stream and is available in either heavy duty or mini, lightweight options. If a solid stream of water if required, the Strahman S-80 Series provides only this option and the soft spray only option is available via the Strahman F-90 Series.

All  the Strahman automatic water saver nozzles are constructed of stainless steel and bronze and fitted with a replaceable rubber cover in either black, red or white. Special assembly for food grade is also available. The Strahman Mini M-70 offers the user heavy duty service with less weight.

Spray Nozzle Engineering also offer the Strahman Hydro-Pro 150® Automatic Adjustable Water Saver Spray Nozzle, which offers the unique combination of heavy duty performance with lightweight handling. The Hydro-Pro 150® features a patented locking trigger mechanism that allows for several spray patterns from the same nozzle and reduces the chance of misdirected spraying during use.

The Strahman washdown line is designed for a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other applications.

Start Saving Money with Water Nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering

Reduce water waste with water saving nozzles.

We stock many kinds of nozzles for various and diverse purposes. While some, like an air atomiser, lets you perform unique tasks, others allow you to help your business save money. Water saving nozzles are excellent tools for many applications.

Problems Water Saving Nozzles Address

  • These nozzles help you address several issues. Excess utility costs through wasting too much water.
  • Imprecise control over water flow that results in either having too much or too little for your needs.
  • Broken or inefficient nozzles that need replacing through wear and tear.

Whether it’s to improve your performance or just to replace old nozzles, consider using water saving nozzles.

What Sets Spray Nozzle Engineering Apart Regarding Water Saving Nozzles

We have spent decades establishing our name and brand, now boasting several ways that we stand out from other suppliers:

  • Innovation and cutting-edge technology are key components of our business and vision.
  • Great relationships with other firms and manufacturers who make excellent nozzles that we sell to our customers.
  • Highly-experienced staff who can help you resolve problems with nozzles.

Don’t settle for a faceless international giant when you can get better service from a local supplier who understands the work you need to do.

Why You Should Use Spray Nozzle Engineering

Our water saving nozzles are engineered to help you and your business succeed. Contact us today to order new nozzles and get the answers you need for your business.