Toxic Gas Mitigation Nozzles

When toxic gas storage systems experience unexpected leaks or breakage, spray nozzles are used to envelop the tank or piping system in a cloud of protective spray which absorbs the gas to prevent dispersion into air.

Chemical processing plants, refineries, and manufacturing facilities use and/or produce acidic or basic solutions, such as hydrofluoric acid (HF), hydrochloric acid (HCl), chlorine (Cl), or ammonia (NH3) that are capable of producing toxic gas clouds if they are accidentally leaked or exposed to atmospheric conditions. Mitigation of accidental releases of these gases can often be accomplished with water sprays that have a small average droplet size, thereby maximising the surface area to volume ratio and providing the greatest contact between the water and the toxic/corrosive gas. BETE nozzles are used worldwide in toxic gas mitigation spray systems to remove water soluble, toxic gases from the air in the event of an accidental leak, preventing the spread of hazardous and/or poisonous vapour clouds into the atmosphere by producing a cloud of small droplets capable of capturing and containing the leak.