We stand alone amongst our competitors as the only local specialist manufacturer of unique patented spray nozzles and related products which are exported to the world.

Spray Nozzle Engineering

We provide hands on problem solving, engineering and application know how to provide truly engineered solutions for your applications.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies innovative spraying solutions to the New Zealand and Australia markets. The company offers solutions to several industries such as: dairy, food and beverage, mining, fire protection, pharmaceutical, paper, steel, automotive and more.

Any application involving the use of liquid and air in the application of cleaning, coating and spraying is covered by their extensive range of products and engineered solutions.

As a leading spraying specialist, the company has engineered systems for coating, spraying, cooling, coating, blow-drying, clean in place (CIP), washdown, tank cleaning, sanitising, and much more.

As the region’s only manufacturer and exporter of industrial nozzle technology for the dairy food and beverage industry, Spray Nozzle Engineering has pioneered such areas as:

  • Spray dry nozzle safety systems for dairy plants. Find out more here
  • Water conservation and washdown system
  • Compressed air safety blowing
  • Air conservation
  • Clean in place (C.I.P) technology & C.I.P hose reel handling systems
  • Compressed air knives, specially designed for bottling and packaging lines.

Food Plant hygiene is a major focus for Spray Nozzle Engineering. Cleaning chemical and sanitising application equipment, safety steam and water mixers, stainless steel reel and hose stations; mean that they can supply a total cleaning solution to every part of the process.

A full range of metal detectable products for production areas, including metal detectable PPE, pens, stationary, scrapers, cleaning wear and much more is also available so that food processors can have every part of their HACCP and hygiene program covered with a metal detectable solution. Find out more about metal detectable products here

Spray Nozzle Engineering can supply a spray cleaning or compressed air blowing solution for every type of processing system, wet, dry, liquid fill, packaging and more. With offices throughout New Zealand and Australia, they can assist with service and advice.


To assemble a highly motivated group of people fully committed both to the utmost levels of customer service and to the continued growth and wellbeing of their company. While fostering a resilient team spirit within a strong marketing focus characterised by the search for as many potential customers as can be found for our products.


To seek out and or develop those products that will provide the focal point to our teams marketing efforts, surpass our customers needs and expectations and in this way, add value to our company through our peoples best marketing efforts of these products. See our product’s range here.


To combine all of the above in an effort to achieve a profitable enterprise that will reward all those people who makeup the team.


Spray Nozzle Engineering maintains a large stock offering with well over 20,000 different spray nozzles and associated products for quick product turn around.

Our advice continues to introduce new technology and custom designs, with the support of fully equipped spray nozzle test laboratories for pattern analysis and spray droplet size testing.

We stand alone amongst our competitors as the only local specialist manufacturer of unique patented spray nozzles and related products which are exported to the world.