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Pollution control and process cooling applications, such as flue gas desulphurisation and NOx scrubbing, De-Super heating and spray quenching/ scrubbing require precise nozzle solutions in order for companies to meet federal regulations.  BETE offers a variety of nozzles to mitigate pollution in different environments.

Some of the common nozzle applications in the pollution control industry are:

  • Gas scrubbing (Flue gas desulphurisation FDG and NOx scrubbing)

– Packed bed scrubbers (Acid scrubbers and halogen removal)
– SCR/SNCR applications
– Venturi scrubbing
– Wash water injection
– Gas and chemical injection quills

  • Odour control
  • Air stripping
  • Toxic gas mitigation

BETE and Spray Nozzle Engineering PL can design and supply engineered spray lances and stuffing box system for all oil & gas environmental control applications in all materials and configurations.

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