Air atomising spray nozzles atomise fluids by creating a very fine spray.

Liquid and compressed air (gas) are used to produce a mist of atomised liquid at low pressures. Air atomising is ideal for:

  • Coating, cooling, humidifying
  • Gas cooling
  • Lubricating, moistening
  • Misting, fogging

BETE air atomising nozzles are designed to use the energy of two fluids, atomising gas (usually air) and liquid, to spray liquid into the smallest possible drop size.

Our air atomising, two-fluid nozzles are available in a range of spray patterns, flow rates, mixing designs and special connections.

Air atomising nozzles are perfect for low pressure and a smaller drop size or when a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomised and cannot be sprayed with a single fluid nozzle.