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Air Atomising Spray Nozzles

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Air atomising spray nozzles atomise fluids by creating a very fine spray.

Liquid and compressed air (gas) are used to produce a mist of atomised liquid at low pressures. Air atomising is ideal for:

  • Coating, cooling, humidifying
  • Gas cooling
  • Lubricating, moistening
  • Misting, fogging

BETE air atomising nozzles are designed to use the energy of two fluids, atomising gas (usually air) and liquid, to spray liquid into the smallest possible drop size.

Our air atomising, two-fluid nozzles are available in a range of spray patterns, flow rates, mixing designs and special connections.

Air atomising nozzles are perfect for low pressure and a smaller drop size or when a viscous fluid needs to be sprayed/atomised and cannot be sprayed with a single fluid nozzle.

Achieve Precise Dispersion and Coverage with Air Atomising Fluid Nozzles

Your coating, atomising and cooling needs call for an air atomising nozzle.

There are endless applications in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and other industries that require precision and an even atomisation control of fluids. Our two fluid nozzles put you in control in precisely the way that your business needs.

Related Services We Provide to Air Atomising Nozzles

Air atomising nozzles are helpful for various industries.

  • Manufacturing and Chemical Industries – Many industries need to efficiently and consistently control the temperature of gases that could potentially damage machinery and equipment. Evaporating an injected liquid is the perfect way to counteract this potential and preserve your equipment.
  • Environmental control: Air atomising nozzles allow precise droplet size control via air and liquid changes.
  • Paper Industries and Distilleries – Calibrating moisture and temperature levels can be a significant challenge, as imprecision here can result in defective product and wasted time. Air atomising nozzles, in conjunction with monitoring equipment, give you an astonishing degree of control.
  • Pharmaceutical – Tablet coating demands delicacy and consistency that liquid application simply can’t provide. Air atomising nozzles are the best solution for coating large quantities of tablets with minimal defects.
  • Coatings: Precision coating with ability to change on demand.

Address Spray Nozzle Engineering Issues with Fluid Nozzles

There are several categories of problems that this technology resolves.

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Foggers and chemical dispersal
  • Precision spray coating
  • Other accessories such as spray lances and control systems case available

BETE nozzles are the leading design for most air atomising nozzle designs.

About Spray Nozzle Engineering

We are a local New Zealand and Australian business with decades of experience working with fluid mechanics. Our know-how includes numerous industries and hundreds of applications. Contact us today to see how our team can assist your operations.