Hollow cone nozzles produce a ring of spray. This spray pattern consist of the smallest droplet sizes of any spray pattern. Three designs of nozzle can be made to produce hollow cones: spirals, axial whirls and tangential whirls.

Hollow cone nozzles produce a thin ring of liquid and used less frequently than full cone nozzles. The hollow cone spray emits from the nozzle in a conical shape with the liquid only at the periphery of the cone. When the spray intersects with a surface, a ring of spray is formed with a hollow centre.

Hollow cone spray nozzles are suitable for a number of applications:

  • Humidification: Humidify air in ducts, drying kilns, curing rooms, greenhouses, and other open areas; area misting.
  • Misting: Moisten paper; mist produce; compost piles of crushed products
  • Quench: Evaporatively quench hot gases