In many industrial processes, commercial processes, and agricultural settings it is necessary or advantageous to increase the humidity (or water content) of the air in a duct, chamber, or room.

The fine atomisation of water produced by misting or fog pattern spray nozzles is effective at increasing the humidity level. The small water droplets produced by these nozzles are capable of evaporating quickly, even at normal ambient temperatures, thus increasing the amount of water that is present in the air. Under most general atmospheric environmental conditions, only a relatively small amount of water is required to evaporate and effectively increase the relative humidity.

BETE offers a wide variety of nozzles which can provide the low flow rates and fine atomisation required for humidification applications.

This evaporation of fine water sprays can also reduce the temperature of the air, depending on the amount of water added and overall change in humidity.

Common humidification nozzle uses and industries:

  • Moisten air in ducts
  • Keep an even humidity in drying kilns
  • Achieve a high relative humidity in curing rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Barrel rooms
    • Distilleries
    • Wineries
    • Breweries
  • Keep the humidity constant in baking operations
  • Any other application where humidity is critical to the process