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    Remote Control Water Monitors

    Stang Industries

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    Water Monitors and Cannons

    Stang Industries

Water Monitors and Cannons

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Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies Stang monitors and cannons to many industries such as petrochemical, mining, fire protection, food processing, defence, aviation, marine, agriculture, plumbing and jetting.

Stang Industries is a leader in the design and fabrication of water monitors. Stang was founded in August of 1943 as a manufacturer of dewatering equipment for the construction industry and today has become a global authority in water delivery solutions across many markets.

Achieve Precise Control with Water Cannons and Monitors

Use a water monitor to produce exact solutions.

High volume water cannons and monitors from Stang assist better fire protection and washdown applications.

Common Mistakes People Make About Water Monitors

Don’t take unnecessary risks by lacking the best equipment.

  • Without water monitors, your solutions can be imprecise and fail to produce the results that you need for your business.
  • Too small flow for an application, incorrect nozzle size to achieve throw manual vs automatic water cannons

Whenever regulations or the work itself demands precise control and feedback, use water monitors for best results.

Related Services We Provide to Water Monitors

Some other devices work in conjunction with water monitors to simplify processes.

  • Water cannons provide powerful streams of water for washing.
  • Air atomisers take water-based solutions and disperse them into a gaseous form.
  • BETE nozzles give you astounding degrees of control over how your chemicals mix.

Why You Should Use Spray Nozzle Engineering

We work with the best names in spray nozzle technology: BETE, Silvent, Gamajet, Strahman, Lafferty, Wilger, Stang Industries, Hannay Reels, and more. We remain current on the science behind liquid dynamics and how to fabricate effective systems with spray nozzles.

Our team is customer-focused and will assist you with any questions that you have. Contact us today to purchase water monitors for your business.