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A water wall is a spray of water that acts as a barrier to shield personnel and equipment against radiant heat, harmful gases, and flames. The more water that is sprayed to form the suppression wall, the better the fire protection and shielding. High pressure and flow rates project water faster and further to form a larger buffer between the heat source and the protected areas.

Flat fan style nozzles are common and can produce an adequate barrier for some applications. However, full cone nozzles, particularly wide coverage spiral nozzles, are usually superior as they form a cone of liquid rather than a very thin plane of liquid. The spray pattern of BETE’s spiral full cone nozzles consist of multiple concentric cones for layered zones of security, providing a mix of coarser droplets, ideal for wind drift resistance and surface wetting, encapsulating and projecting smaller droplets, ideal for cooling and absorbing heat.

Common water wall nozzle uses and industries:

  • Heat protection from flare booms
  • Escape pathways for personnel during fire
  • Protection for fire fighters and emergency responders
  • Curtain off wellheads, storage tanks
  • Protect machinery, tools, and the water supply pumps used for fire suppression systems
  • Home and structure protection from forest fires
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