Safer and affordable paper nozzle solutions

Since 1988, Spray Nozzle Engineering, supports the pulp, paper, packaging, and fibre recycling industries, supplying spray nozzles from BETE as well as developing a range of paper nozzles.

Spray Nozzle Engineering’s latest paper nozzle innovation is the Snap Disc™, designed and made in Australia, for all Australian, New Zealand and international paper mills.

Examples of pulp and paper making processes in which BETE spray nozzles are used:

  • Debarking
  • Dust control
  • Washing and moistening logs
  • Pulp washing
  • Pulp bleaching
  • Foam control
  • White water cleaning of wire and felts
  • Humidification
  • Heat recovery
  • Odour control
  • Air pollution control
  • Cooling ponds
  • Water pollution