Introducing the NEW Strahman HydroSwivel® Sweeper and Drain Cleaner, available exclusively at Spray Nozzle Engineering

Strahman HydroSwivel Sweeper

Shown: HydroSwivel Sweeper®, 6 tips, with white Mini M-70 spray nozzle

Strahman HydroSwivel Sweeper Zoomed

HydroSwivel Sweeper Zoomed

Strahman’s new HydroSwivel® Sweeper is a multi-functioning cleaning tool for cleaning virtually any surface! It features all stainless steel and acetal polymer construction, interchangeable tips with varying flow rates, a high-impact thermally protective cover and full 3600 range of motion. Supplied with a bronze Mini M-70 spray nozzle, which can be removed and also used as a stand-alone spray nozzle for other applications. The HydroSwivel Sweeper is suitable for a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, meat processing, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Choose from two options with three or six tips, which are all interchangeable for a range of flow rates, and it features a fully articulated patent pending HydroSwivel® joint which provides excellent manoeuvrability in and under hard-to-reach places. The sweeper uses high-velocity water at normal domestic supply pressures to effectively clean most surfaces with minimal impact. Clean all of your floor surfaces, even those under hard to reach places, with a spray pattern directed to the floor for deep cleaning of grout without over-spray to walls and without the damaging effects of other hi-pressure systems.

Eliminates fruit flies, drain flies and similar insects from floor drain!

HydroSwivel Sweeper Drain Cleaner

Note: Connection on the Mini M-70 is 3/8″ Female NPT

Mini M-70 spray nozzle

M-70 spray nozzle

The Drain Cleaner attaches to our Mini M-70 Spray Nozzle, and is the prefer tool for brushing and flushing out your floor drain. The firm bristle brush loosens insect eggs, and the forward direction nozzles flush them away. Side ports on the brush rinse piping clean.

Together, these two products will effectively clean your floors and drains with minimal time and hassle!

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