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Washdown trigger guns and nozzles

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Spray Nozzle Engineering offers a full line of spray equipment such as hoses, nozzles and washdown accessories. The company offers a premium range featuring Strahman products and an economy range of water guns and nozzles.

Applications for the food and beverage industry include:

  • Conveyor, Crusher and Drum wash down
  • Cooker, Tank and Kettle wash down
  • Blender washing & Mixer wash down
  • Floor & Equipment clean-up

Applications for the meat processing industry include:

  • Floor & Equipment clean-up
  • Wash down of meat choppers and mixers
  • Wash down of tenderising and grinding equipment

Applications for the brewery industry include:

  • Tank and Brewhouse cleaning
  • Canning System wash down
  • Keg Rinsing
  • Churns and Collector wash down
  • Floor & Equipment clean-up

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