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BJ Low Flow Sprayer Nozzles

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BJ Low Flow Sprayer Nozzles

Design Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Interchangeable spray tips
  • Integral strainer available
  • Male and female connections

Spray Characteristics

  • Relatively coarse atomisation
  • Uniform distribution with tapered edges for use in overlapping sprays
Common materials
303, Brass, 316

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BJ Low Flow Sprayer Nozzles


Straight Jet nozzles

  • Straight Jet nozzles can be very useful for a wide variety of applications. They are often used in washing applications and other situations that call for concentrated flow and high impact. An example of this is implementing a HydroWhirl Orbitor machine for a tank washing application. The HydroWhirl Orbitor series uses the long throw and high impact generated by straight jets to clean a wide variety of tank sizes with stubborn residue.
  • The Straight Jet nozzles can produce the highest impact and longest throw out of any nozzle type. They have few limitations and nozzles such as the LP & PSR use their compact designs to make applications possible when space is at a premium.
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